About us so far


Clear and intelligent logic is the key to our success. Through education and experience we have learned that there are often simple, elegant solutions to complex challenges. Our recommendations live in the real world, where creativity must coexist with competition and market behavior. We have a genuine willingness to take the time to understand each client's business, from the multi-billion-dollar global industry leaders we work with, to smaller local and regional enterprises.


Our team is expert at delivering creative, knowledge-based solutions that utilize every major discipline of communications: Print, Broadcast, Direct Marketing, Internet, Brand Development, Corporate Identity, Internal/External Communications, Public Relations, Media Relations and Consultancy. Collectively and individually, we bring value.


Lori Lusnia, Media Specialist. Contact for media and editorial inquiries.

Lita Lea, Director of Digital Marketing & Operations. Contact for digital and social media inquiries.

Pamela Jakubasz, AP/AR

DeAnna Hannoush, Social Media

General Inquiries